NOTE: Information regarding cabin trips for students starting on summer 2022 will be updated soon – information below are for students who started on winter 2022.

February 25th-27th, PF Master Student Coordinators arrange a cabin trip, where you will get to know your fellow students. Going on a cabin trip at the beginning of your studies is an established tradition at DTU and it is an excellent opportunity to connect with new people outside your usual study environment. The cabin trips include team building and social activities. The trip is only for newly started master students and it is not allowed to bring your own alcohol and that you are under the Danish laws. If you cannot make it to the trip, cancellation is not possible but you have the option to sell the ticket. If that happens you have to inform PF.

We strongly recommend participating in a cabin trip, if you have the opportunity to do so!

Deadline for sign-up for the trip is the 22th of February 12 am.

MSc Cabin Trip Forms (Required, sign-up with student mail)