PF has developed a new app for all students at DTU. Here you can find lots of information that are good when you start at DTU, e.g. about life on campus, course structure, housing, PF’s councils and committees, clubs, where to seek guidance, and much more.

Furthermore, you can find an event calendar in the app showing many of the events taking place at DTU. You can choose for yourself in the settings what events you would like to see. Additionally, you can find a map of both Lyngby and Ballerup Campus so that you can get an overview of the possibilities you have at DTU. You can choose which places you would like to be able to see on your map, e.g. bicycle parking, cafeterias, or friday bars.

In the app you can also find the opening hours for our secretariat, S-Huset, Kælderbaren, and Verners Kælder.

The app exists both for Android and iOS and can be downloaded here at latest in mid August:

Android: Google Play

iOS: App Store

In addition, we have a website where you can find a lot of information. For example, you can find descriptions of all of our student councils, about our accident insurance, and our facilities. Furthermore, you are always welcome to contact us by e-mail or to stop by our secretariat in Lyngby or Ballerup. Our opening hours can be found on the website.

PDF: Rusbook 2021 – Winterstart (Danish)

PDF: Rusbook 2021 – Winterstart (English)

PDF: Rusbook 2020 (Danish)

PDF: Map of DTU