PF is the student union for all students at DTU, and we are powered by dedicated students, who are working within our three dimensions: the social, the political and the academic dimension of student life at DTU.

As a member of PF you will have access to a huge network at DTU through the PF councils and committees, and you can influence your student life at DTU through your student council. PF has great contact to DTU which makes us the students direct contact to DTU if you want influence on your study. In addition, PF organises a wide range of events throughout the year so you will not be bored during your studies at DTU.

As a PF member, you can get a discount on concerts where you only have to pay 80 DKK instead of 150 DKK. PF hosts roughly four concerts every year meaning you can very quickly earn your entire membership back in concert discount alone. Additionally there are also other discounts in our cafés on coffee and other things.

Your vector is also a PF member and can tell you more about the organisation, otherwise you can read more in the introduction booklet Rusbogen.
The normal price of being a member of PF is DKK 500,00 – but until the 1st of March 2019 the price is reduced to DKK 400,00!