Only used in English in summer – therefor this page is not updated!


You can sign up for the Rus trip in start of August!

Polyteknisk Forening (PF) organises the so-called “Rus trip” (freshers’ trip) before the semester begins in order to give you and your fellow students a good start at DTU. On this trip, you will get to know a bunch of other students who, like you, are new to the life at DTU.

You can choose between a four-day Rus trip and two weekend trips, one of them being non-alcoholic. All trips have a limited number of spots.

The Rus trip is from …………………………………………., and you will go on the trip with your vector group as well as vector groups from other study programmes.

For students at General Engineering the Rus trip will consist of vector groups solely from Generel Engineering, respectively. The Rus trip for General Engineering will be entirely in English.

The weekend trips are from Friday the ………………. of August. The weekend trips are similar to the four-day Rus trip, but more condensed. The vector-teams on the weekend trip will be mixed from different study programmes. Note that both the weekend trips are in Danish.

Further information about the Rus trip will be sent by email in the week prior to the trip – remember to check your spam filter.

The normal price of being a member of PF is DKK 500,00 – but until the 1st of March the price is reduced to DKK 400,00! Check out the benefits of being a PF member.


Rus trip450,00Weekend trip300,00
PF Membership (non-recurrent expenditure)400,00PF Membership (non-recurrent expenditure)400,00
Rus trip + PF850,00Rus trip + PF700,00


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